Accessories for beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is one of the most favorite summer sports. Professionals as well as amateurs, adults and children are happy to play it. There are therefore no age restrictions, in terms of sex or even place of entertainment. Although, beach volleyball by name should be played on the beach, you can also easily create a suitable playground in another place, e.g. on the grass. The only thing necessary in this case is the right equipment.


Beach volleyball has been breaking popularity records in recent years, which is why more and more often you can meet in various places - especially tourist ones - already prepared playing fields. The pitch alone is not enough, however, the necessary accessories are needed. When choosing the right one, it is worth guided not only by the price of the products, but above all by their quality.

You can get high-quality beach volleyball equipment in our store. We offer all necessary beach accessories in one place.


A wide selection of our accessories will certainly help you create the perfect beach volleyball set that will ensure optimal conditions for playing.

Among them are:

- lines for mini beach volleyball, which are made of polypropylene tape, resistant to weather conditions - in blue colour. They allow you to get the dimensions of mini pitches 8 x 8m and 8 x 12m, and are fastened with wooden planks buried in the sand (the corners of the line are connected to the plank with a flexible rubber cord);

- professional lines for marking the playing field - also made of 8x16m polypropylene tape;

- tool for measuring and setting the height of the net, which is made of aluminum profile, in the form of an extendable telescope, giving the possibility of setting the height of 2.24m or 2.43m. This essential piece of equipment for every judge and technical service;

- sand leveling board - made of impregnated pine wood. It is an ideal tool for leveling sand on the fields intended for beach games;

- one- and two-part antennas. Two-piece antennas are very convenient to transport and extremely useful in training small games, as well as in specialized training. One-piece antennas with a drawstring pouches are also great for training small games and specialized training. One-piece antennas with a Velcro pouch are intended for the highest class games - all are made in accordance with the FIVB standard;

- yellow ball net ""HUCK"", which is made of high quality polypropylene, ensuring durability. It can easily hold up to 10-12 balls. At the top it is closed by pulling the string;

- sports net hanger - extremely facilitates storage, as well as assembly and disassembly of the net, preventing the net from tangling. The hanger is equipped with a rotary handle with a hook, which is used to conveniently roll up the net, as well as hang the hanger in the warehouse.

The beach volleyball accessories we offer are of the highest quality only, which will certainly be used for many years and at an attractive price. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our products.