Tennis screens

Tennis is becoming increasingly popular. It is played by children and adults, men and women. However, the comfort of the game is determined not only by skill, but above all by the equipment of the tennis court. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare the place for the game as well as possible. Not only accessories directly related to the game are important, but also items such as tennis screens. What are tennis screens and what are they used for?


Tennis screens are designed to shield the court from the sun and other weather conditions. Most often they are attached to the fence. They are usually made of: polypropylene, polyamide, polyethylene. These materials are resistant to the sun's rays, various types of precipitation and gusts of wind, but at the same time allow air to pass through. Their installation is quick and easy, moreover, the design ensures a safe installation that does not damage the fence.


Tennis screens fulfil two primary functions. The first is to protect the court from the sun rays. This minimizes the heat build-up on the tennis court, thus protecting it from overuse. In addition, less heat on the court means less temperature on the court, and the lower the temperature, the much more comfortable the game. The second aspect, which is often the reason why tennis court screens find their way onto tennis courts so often, is the desire to hide from the eyes of outsiders. Of course, tennis, like any other sport, requires focus and concentration. Screens allow for the seclusion of the court and its isolation to ensure a calm play.


It might seem, however, that the screen does not have that much impact on the players' game. In fact, its role is considerable. Here are some of the basic functions of a screen and their impact on favourable play:

sunshade - allows you to maintain a lower temperature on the court, and thus more comfortable play;

isolation from the area outside the court - maintaining intimacy, increasing players' focus and concentration;

wind protection - this is extremely important during the game, when the wind can affect the movement of the ball and the strength of the hits;

less use of the court - indirectly, the screen affect the maintenance of the court in better condition, which in turn allows you to use the court much longer, while maintaining the quality of the ground.


Of course, this is not as crucial as the other issues, but it is worth mentioning that tennis screens make the court look professional. It's hard to think of a court that hosts major competitions without screens. Therefore, the installation of blends on smaller courts allows players to feel like professionals on famous courts.

Therefore, it is worth considering the purchase and installation of tennis screens, as it can bring many more benefits than you might think. Therefore, we invite you to take a look at our offer. We also recommend umpire chairs and tennis court divider nets.