Wall mounted backboard constructions

Basketball, whose cradle is the United States, is a sport still gaining popularity in our country. This constantly growing demand is simultaneously being followed by infrastructure that is absolutely no different from world standards. The impressive sports halls that are built at schools, popping up like mushrooms, meet the criteria of multifunctionality. Thanks to this, playing football, volleyball, floorball, and basketball is possible through appropriate, safe and quick adjustment of the pitch to the requirements of a specific team sport discipline.


In addition to a properly prepared floor, a dedicated ball and two teams fighting against each other, the match could not take place without basketball boards suspended at the appropriate height. The multi functionality mentioned earlier requires guaranteeing solutions that will ensure the mobile use of devices. Due to this, we offer high quality accessories, thanks to which the basketball backboard will be mounted in a reliable and solid way, and above all safe. The guarantee of the above is to make fastening structures from the highest quality materials. Due to the variety of versions presented, you can decide for yourself whether the basketball basket will be fixed or folded. Regardless of the choice made, we guarantee comfortable and reliable fastening. Our basketball equipment is dedicated to both professionals and amateurs. Works great in gyms, sports halls and other indoor facilities.


Sports facilities nowaday are very heavily exploited. Not infrequently, next to students, people who use it for sports and recreation purposes make the room reserved continuously from dawn to dusk. That is why efficiency will be an important factor when choosing equipment, also designed for basketball. Folding fastening structures for wall boards will provide space on the floor. In addition, the folding speed will be invaluable when retraining, for example from volleyball to basketball. Fixed structures are used in the lateral areas of the sports facility, thanks to which they perform complementary functions during exercises improving accuracy.


Sport Transfer provides professional equipment dedicated to basketball. When choosing the right wall bracket for the needs of a particular facility, several factors should be taken into consideration, including: existing structures or equipment, gym space, the condition of the walls of buildings and budget restrictions. Wall mounting systems include panel mountings with mounting hardware. Our many years of experience and knowledge ensure, that we will be happy to advise you on the best solution tailored to your needs. The basketball board, together with the appropriate fixing, purchased in our company, is a process through which our experts will guide you from the moment you select a specific model to the final assembly at the sports facility.