Gymnastic benches

The gym bench, which is one of the basic elements of the gym equipment, is not only a type of furniture where you can rest for a moment during a break. It can be gymnastic equipment for a variety of applications. Read more...


Gym bench, in addition to rest, which is indicated during some types of training, can also be used to perform exercises.

Turned upside down, it will be great equipment for practicing balance. It can be an element of the obstacle course or ladder structure. It is successfully used for intensive leg muscle exercises as a high platform.

The stability and solid workmanship of the benches mean that the way they are used in the gym depends only on the creativity of users.


Benches are universal equipment that can be used by any gym user. Thanks to the low height, they are also suitable for children.


For gymanstic halls, we offer benches, which are 30 centimeters high.

They come in various lengths:

- 2 meters

- 3 meters

- 4 meters

Benches made of wood and wooden bench seats on metal legs, are protected against the ingress of moisture, and aesthetically varnished. Thanks to this protection, they maintain their aesthetic appearance and functionality for a long time, without deforming under the influence of external conditions. They are much stronger and more robust than their plastic counterparts, sometimes used to equip gymanstic halls.

Both wooden and metal benches, as well as entirely made of wood, are extremely stable. While sitting, as well as while exercising, the user can feel safe and comfortable thanks to the lack of wobble and tilting. They have a balance bar, i.e. an additional, narrower board under the seat, which also affects stability, and thus increases the level of security.

The metal legs of the benches are made of powder-coated steel pipes. This method of painting metal provides a lasting and aesthetic effect. The ends of the legs are non-slip feet, which further increase the comfort and safety of the use of benches on the smooth, often varnished floor, which occurs in most gyms.

Bench seats are massive, made of solid wood, which also affects both their aesthetics and comfort of use. All edges are rounded, which reduces the risk of chafing during exercise.


Gym benches are also intended for use by children and young people, therefore they meet the highest requirements in terms of quality and safety. Compliance with these standards is confirmed by appropriate certificates.

By deciding to buy gymnastic benches we offer, you get the highest quality piece of equipment with an exercise device that will last for years without changing your usability and aesthetic properties.