Basketball Backboards 105x180

Basketball is a sport which is popular in our country for many years. To be able to play it, you need the right ball, but also a basketball board. It is a professional part of the pitch equipment, which can be made of e.g. 12 mm thick tempered glass, which is fixed on a metal frame.

Products such as the acrylic glass basketball board are also popular. In this category you can also find such products as a basketball board made of steel truss.


The board is an indispensable element of equipment in schools and other sports halls for playing basketball.

We offer boards in professional size /105x180 cm/ and popularly known as training /90x120 cm/. The boards are made of such materials as tempered glass, acrylic glass, epoxy fibre and WEMA steel grids.


The shop offers basketball boards in the size 105 x 180 centimeters. That are professional boards, made of high resistance tempered glass, among others. The glass is 12 mm thick and is fixed to the metal frame with a holeless system. Such boards are used indoors, e.g. in sports halls next to schools.

As far as other materials for basketball boards are concerned, there are also boards in this category with a size of 105 x 180 centimetres, made of acrylic glass. They are also used in indoor sports halls.

Another product available in this category is a basketball board in a size such as the products described above and made of 17 mm thick epoxy fibre. They are fixed to a steel frame. This board can be used indoors as well as on open playing fields.

Many people decide to buy the traditional form of the board - in the form of a truss, which is made entirely of steel, and its advantage is the fact that, thanks to galvanizing, it is protected against the effects of atmospheric conditions in open spaces, where it is used.