Accessories for Football

To be able to train football at the right level, and above all to play professional matches, it is necessary to have a properly equipped pitch. Therefore, not only the surface or goals play an important role, but all those seemingly small elements that make the pitch gain quality. Discover our football accessories. Read more...
In our sports wholesaler you can find all the necessary equipment for football fields - from the most important accessories to the smallest details that will make the whole thing as functional as possible.


Equipment for a football field includes primarily elements such as padding for football goal's net tensioning post or a set of wheels allowing them to be transported conveniently from place to place. We also offer electronic boards for changing players and special training walls, i.e. all those things that can not be missed on any pitch, both for football lovers and professionals.


An important issue with every football match is also ensuring that the pitch is marked correctly. Thanks to this, it will not only present itself professionally, but will also help players to organize during the game, and judges - better assessment of individual situations on the pitch. To properly mark the pitch, it is necessary to equip yourself with a line marking trolley and ecological paint, which will allow you to paint visible lines on the grassy field. The marking should also run smoothly and the lines must be straight, so you should do it with the help of a roller trolley offered by our warehouse. An alternative to a roller trolley can be a trolley with a special spraying system equipped with a swivel wheel that allows you to evenly spray chalk powder. Such equipment will work both on football turf and tennis courts.


Other accessories for football pitches offered by our wholesaler are primarily corner flags - both those articulated for hammering and special flags for a line referee, which for greater comfort have been equipped with a non-slip handle.
Other football accessories necessary for each match include large and professional strategy boards that allow you to plan your team settings and individual plays during the match.


When completing the equipment of a football field, two elements are important - a wide selection and high quality. In our warehouse we offer all necessary accessories that will make a football field more functional. We also attach great importance to high quality, believing that it matters both for beginners and players playing professional matches. This makes the products we offer very versatile and they work well for both amateurs of this sport and people who play football professionally.