Beach volleyball assembly elements

Beach volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the summer holiday season among people spending their holidays by the sea or the lake. Many tourist resorts lying on the water already provide their residents and tourists with prepared beach volleyball courts. However, if we feel like this type of entertainment, and the infrastructure of the place where we stay is not prepared for it, then it is worth taking care of it yourself. So what is worth remembering when preparing a beach volleyball court yourself?


The beach volleyball court is slightly smaller than regular volleyball and has 16 x 8 m instead of 18 x 9 m. However, a beach volleyball court is not enough. For this you need, above all, a very good net and a number of accessories with which you can create the perfect set for your favorite game. Mounting elements for beach volleyball are also very important, without which, in principle, it is impossible to properly and functionally mount the net and create optimal conditions for the game.


Attaching beach volleyball posts can be difficult, especially for first time users. That is why it is so important to choose high-quality mounting elements that will not be damaged at the stage of their assembly (which, unfortunately, happens with poor-quality products) and at the very beginning of using the equipment. It is also important that installing them does not cause much trouble, especially for inexperienced people. Nothing can spoil a lot of fun like defective, perishable equipment. Therefore, when completing the set for the beach volleyball, including mounting elements, choose only high-quality products.


In our offer, among many products designed to complete sets for playing beach games, you will also find mounting elements. They are responsible for stable fastening of posts to the ground.

Among the mounting elements we offer, you have a choice of various types of ground sockets as well as elements protecting them. All our ground sockets are sold together with a cross piece for fastening posts in the sand. They have stops at the bottom that position the posts at the appropriate height. They come complete with impregnated pine beams. We offer rubber and aluminum covers to protect the ground sockets.

All the mounting elements we offer are of high quality - they have high resistance to mechanical damage as well as weather conditions. They have not only an aesthetic appearance, but above all they are durable and stable, thus providing a comfortable condition during matches.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.