Modern sport is a growing professionalization, which concerns not only the way training units are carried out, but also the diet followed by the athlete or the equipment at his disposal. Its effectiveness both in the sports hall, on the pitch and on the treadmill largely depends on the quality of clothing and accessories at its disposal. To reach a higher level, hard work and good motivation, professional sports equipment must be added. This principle applies to virtually all sports and is no different for basketball.


Basketball was created on 21 December 1891, and James Naismith is considered to be its creator. Naismith wanted to create a game that would minimize physical contact, but included a lot of jumping, running and eye and movement coordination associated with having the ball in your hands.
In his project, Dr. James Naismith wrote:

“The average person is strongly influenced by tradition. If he is interested in a sports game, any physical effort to change something in it creates opposition in his mind. I realized that any attempt to change the known games would inevitably bring a lamentable result. [...] Then I considered a large ball, easy to grab and throw after a little preparation. [...] then I found two old baskets to pick peaches. I found a hammer and some nails and nailed the baskets to the lower edge of the gymnasium balconies."

The game consisted in throwing the ball into wicker baskets hung on the balconies of the gymnasium. These baskets did not have a hole in their bottom, so after each accurate throw the ball had to be taken out with special sticks. Initially, a regular football was used to play basketball. The first ball designed exclusively for basketball was created in 1894. Naismith also created the basic rules of basketball.


Basketball is a sport which is still gaining in popularity, and which in fact only requires a properly adapted hall and basic basketball equipment to play it. At the same time, when deciding to buy the right equipment, regardless of whether we organize fully professional or amateur games, we should decide on the best quality equipment, which at the same time will be properly adapted to our infrastructure. Bearing in mind that we can play basketball both in the hall and on an open field or private property, we have to adjust the basket to the basketball itself, as well as, for example, the fixing of the board, to the conditions in which we will use it.


Of course, the basic equipment to be equipped with is the mentioned basketball basket, which consists not only of the netting rim itself, but also the board, covers and appropriate fastening structures. In the case of the rims themselves, a tilt mechanism, usually based on built-in gas cylinders, is worth noting. Today, the highest quality products have a design that allows the rim to bend in practically all planes, while returning to its basic position in a flash. This type of equipment of the highest quality has a special certificate which guarantees that a given basketball basket is compliant with FIBA regulations. It is also worth noting whether it has a universal fixing for different types of boards. The boards themselves, when it comes to playing in a sports hall or gymnasium, are usually made of acrylic glass or epoxy fibre and have special height adjustment mechanisms and a lower cover.

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At the same time, while organizing the equipment of the basketball court, we must not forget that basketball equipment is also the basic accessories that help us in the mentioned increase of training effectiveness. In this context, all tools for storing balls, such as folding trolleys or wheeled racks, should certainly be mentioned. Again, it is worth investing in the highest quality equipment that will guarantee our efficiency and reliability.