Football goals

It's hard to imagine a football match or training without having access to the right goals. Football potential can be exercised both at a professional stadium or pitch, as well as in a closed hall or gym. A wide range of discussed models allows you to choose a goal optimally adapted to the requirements of users. In our offer you will find not only goals for professional training, but also models dedicated to youth and amateur groups. Read more...


Each football goal should be adapted to both the category of competition and the age of the players. The goals we offer will prove themselves not only during professional competitions, but also during youth teams' meetings. The offer includes models dedicated to football clubs and schools.

The professional football goal is 2.44 m high and 7.32 m wide - models with these dimensions are placed on full-size pitches, where club games and social gatherings can be played in accordance with applicable guidelines. Variants with smaller parameters are designed for youth training and mini football games.


Both larger and smaller football goals can be optimally adapted to the amount of space available. Particularly noteworthy is the foldable and portable equipment, which is successfully used in various outdoor and indoor conditions. Football goals in this category have special arches that allow convenient folding. The offer also includes stationary football goals - these models are used in the area of open facilities. Thanks to the presence of specially reinforced corners, the stability of the structure is further increased. Installation of a stationary goal is also not particularly complicated.


Our offer includes only football goals made of the best and durable materials. Among the available models, goals with additionally reinforced aluminum profiles deserve special mention. Individual models are distinguished by their solidity and appropriate aesthetics. The proof of their durability can be numerous approvals, which also ensure the assurance of efficient and trouble-free installation. Football goal nets are also made of durable materials. They are characterized by high resistance to abrasion, tearing and other mechanical damage, extremely common during intensive training use. Individual models are also equipped with additional elements ensuring sufficiently durable goal fastening to the ground. Our offer also includes barrier netting system mounted behind the goals as well as full equipment for sports fields and halls.