Volleyball assembly elements

Playing volleyball is not just a court, points or results. It is also a number of additional elements, which - although they are not noticed on a daily basis - are nevertheless necessary to conduct the games in a safe and professional manner. Our offer could not lack such elements and we want to present them. Mounting elements - the basis of a well-prepared court.


Most of the volleyball accessories available in our store are elements made in appropriate technology. Without it, they would not fulfill their role. The volleyball ground sockets introduced by us are designed to withstand very high loads related to the weight of the post, handle, net and of course the impact of the ball itself. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that the mounting elements available in our offer will be perfect in all conditions.


Producing the best volleyball accessories for you, we have always been looking for products that will be made in an accurate and professional way. This applies not only to connecting elements, but also to our entire range of sports equipment. Our range has been prepared in such a way, that it meets the conditions of various sports fields, which are located both in sports halls and outside buildings. Thanks to this, we have gained the opinion of a very diligent and professional supplier, thus minimizing the number of complaints to almost zero.


Our mounting elements for volleyball posts are also characterized by simplicity of assembly. Thanks to this, our customers will not have to focus on constantly reading the operating instructions, but will be able to immediately proceed with the installation of individual components of the court. In this way, we managed to minimize the time necessary for the installation of volleyball posts, which our customers have already appreciated many times.


The role of the producer and supplier is to provide the client with the best and safe equipment. We also operate in this way, offering our clients fully tested and safe equipment. We are constantly emphasizing that our volleyball accessories are subjected to specific tests at all times. Thanks to this, we are sure that we sell you safe solutions that will not lead to an accident even in special conditions. Nevertheless, we never rest on our laurels. We are aware of the importance of constantly being perfect in our product range, also in terms of security. That is why we always provide you with the best and safest volleyball equipment.


Offering mounting elements for volleyball nets and other accessories, we are constantly suggesting taking care of our clients' interests. That is why the products we offer are always made with care and safety.