Nets for basketball rings

Every professional basketball court should have high quality backboard and also durable and shock resistant basketball ring with net. Court arranged like this, can be found on indoor sports hall or placed under the open sky. First of all, it is convenient place for training and for playing important matches and tournaments. Professional and considered arrangement of facility directly impacts playing comfort.

In presented category we offer professional nets for basketball rings, which will be good for every type of sports facility. Thanks to high quality products, even intensive exploitation of facility, should not affect on nets durability. It is nacessary element of court's equipment, and is a complementation of equaly necessary and durable basketball ring.


Of course, the most important feature is its durability. That's the reason why we offer products, which are made with precitions and attention to every detail, because we know, that it can have a great impact during sports competitions. Nothing is more disappoiting than equipment, which lets you down during the play. Basketball ring net cannot be a weak part of whole court, because it had to proof itself during intence training and important competitions. It is the most important, that net will not unravel even in the moment in high intesity usage. Every replacement is connected with unnecessary costs, which nobody has a will to cover. That's why, polyester rope is the material, from which net is made. Nets, which are dedicated for outdoor courts, are made from hot dip galvanized chain. High quality of materials used for production of the net, is the basic of its durability.


For sports halls and courts, which are placed inside building, we offer standard net made from polypropylene 4 mm thick. More professional equivalent from them is net, which is 6 mm thick. Another kind of the net is Anti-Whip type, which is made from high strength, knotted polyester rope 6 mm thick. Last kind of the net is chain net type, which is hot dip galvanized to make it more resistant and durable. All of this was done, to make it resistant enough, so it can be used on outdoor courts, where it will be exposed to different, unfavorable weather conditions.

We also want to remind you about the fact, that every product offered by us, is made in accordance to FIBA requirements. So it's hard to find better product than ours, which would proof itself in practise. At the same time, we offer good price properly balanced with product's quality.