Training accessories for Football

Football is one of the most popular sports disciplines not only in Poland but all over the world. Already at local levels there are various types of smaller or larger clubs that develop a passion for football in children and adolescents. Football is a team sport in which the right condition and technical skills of all players on the field count. Read more...
Therefore, training plays a key role, which among other things allows players to strengthen their coordination, reflexes and teach tactics of the game - passes, parties or shots on goal. Therefore, it is worth using appropriate training accessories for football. Not only professionals but also amateurs use them.


We know that it's not just talent that makes a footballer an outstanding figure on the field. Proper training is equally important. Our offer includes various types of football training accessories, thanks to which it will be possible to conduct professional trainings anywhere - on the pitch, hall or Orlik.

Various types of hurdles will definitely be useful for coordination trainings. Therefore, we recommend height-adjustable hurdles or self-rising coordination hurdles.

In order to strengthen the players' muscle strength and improve their motor skills and precision, a coordination circle will be helpful. Just like the coordination ladder.

However, for endurance training, general development, which improve the players' condition, their endurance and muscle strength, football training accessories such as resistance tape or parachute for speed training, balance platform or Evasion Belt (training belts) will be necessary.

Football training walls are extremely helpful for tactical exercises. Our offer includes portable, inflatable or rubber-plastic football walls. Goals and a football volley set or rebounder with the ability to adjust the slope will also be useful - ideal not only for training goalkeepers, but also players from the field. For children and adolescents, we especially recommend the Socer Wave rebounder, whose special design allows you to use both sides at the same time.


Our store's assortment includes football training equipment made of the highest quality materials - they are not damaged when hit and are resistant to weather conditions. This equipment is recommended for both professionals and amateurs.

The training accessories for football that we offer can be safely used for the training of all football lovers. In addition, football training equipment offered by us can be used on traditional and hardened Orlik sports fields and in the hall. All football training accessories available in our store are durable and resistant and allow you to conduct effective training.