Retractable tunnel

The equipment of a football stadium should always be as professional as possible - it makes a good impression not only on teams, both hosts and guests, but also on spectators. Even a small football team can afford to equip their stadium well - the investment in infrastructure will pay off that you will not need to change anything for many years, and sports equipment will impeccably serve subsequent generations of footballers. Read more...


When players from opposite teams come onto the pitch, emotions usually run high. These feelings always accompany fans, regardless of whether the biggest teams in the country or local teams from neighboring cities will take part in the sports match. A match is a match - it always provides great entertainment and excitement. When the luminaire looks professional, and on the pitch, for example, a football tunnel has appeared, through which players of individual teams will enter - the game is watched with even greater pleasure. An aluminum telescopic tunnel for a football stadium is the best choice. Lightweight, allowing for quick assembly and disassembly - its nylon or rubber wheels allow the tunnel to be folded and folded - these are just a few characteristics. Maintained in classic colors, it looks great at any stadium, definitely raising the rank of a sporting event and introducing a real football atmosphere. Such equipment of a football stadium as a telescopic tunnel is an investment in the greatest emotions and sports experience for spectators.


The purchase of a telescopic tunnel for a stadium or football field is an investment once in many years. A properly used tunnel, fixed in the manner indicated by the manufacturer, will be durable and resistant. The method of tunnel maintenance and cleaning, described in the attached instructions, ensures safety for the structure and covering. A tunnel made to size, tailored to the needs of a specific facility, is an excellent investment raising the rank of a sports facility. The standard dimensions of the tunnel are: height 235 cm, width 190 cm. Of course, you can adapt to your needs: the maximum achievable height is 350 cm and the maximum achievable width is 600 cm. In a word, the tunnel can be ordered in the basic or significantly extended version, adapting the design to the needs of a specific sports facility. Such a tunnel makes every pitch look much more professional, and the emotions before players leave the pitch are even greater. The whole sporting event looks just like during the most important games, which are followed by red faces watching it on TV. These types of telescopic tunnels leading to the pitch have been prepared in previous years for the largest and prestigious facilities in Poland, such as, for example, the Silesian Stadium (2017), as well as the stadium in Bielsko-Biala and Kielce.