Accessories for handball

Handball accessories are the basic equipment of every sports facility. Without them, its use would become much less comfortable. A wide range of products means that everyone can find what they need. We offer only certified handball equipment that meets all stringent norms and standards.

It will be suitable not only for amateur but also professional sports facilities. We are constantly expanding our range to meet the expectations of even the most demanding people.


Our offer includes mobile ball shelves, lockable ball carts, ball nets, foldable ball carts. These are products without which the proper organization of a sports facility would not be possible. All accessories are characterized by above-average durability and resistance to damage. Excellent quality materials guarantee that the product will serve reliably for many years. This is not a one season purchase.

Storing a large number of balls can be problematic if you do not have a rack or cart. When choosing the right product, you should be guided by the comfort of use. Mobile shelves have practical wheels, so we can freely change their position. Nothing prevents you from transporting the rack to the warehouse after hiding the balls. In this way, we will save not only time, but also energy that we would devote to moving balls. Locked models are also a good solution. This option is especially recommended for schools - children will not be able to remove the balls themselves without the permission of the person conducting the classes. Of course, this is a great option for all objects that are exposed to theft. When closing the stroller, we can be sure that an unauthorized person will not get into its contents. If you do not have a lot of space, the recommended option is ball nets, which you can hang. In this way, we gain additional space. We can store other sports equipment there. Folding ball carts are practical and comfortable to use. The option of folding the rack makes it easy to transport.


We offer a variety of sports accessories that can be purchased at an extremely favorable price. These are products of exceptional durability, which ensures that the investment will be successful. The products have been made with attention to every detail, thanks to which they look extremely aesthetically pleasing. They perfectly match the arrangement of any sports facility.

The proposed sports accessories for handball enable trouble-free storage of balls for playing football, volleyball, basketball, handball etc. These are functional products that can be easily adapted to individual needs and expectations. Before making a purchase, it is worth considering which model will guarantee us the highest freedom of use. When choosing a trolley, rack or bag for balls, check its capacity.

Beach handball is growing in popularity, which is why we have prepared a large selection of accessories necessary to play both amateur and professional games in this discipline. You can find high-quality sports nets for handball and handball goals, which parameters are perfect even for official competitions. We also offer practical lines that can be used to precisely define the playing field. All products are made of durable materials.