Football training walls

Appropriate equipment is required to conduct professional football training. Among the necessary accessories for football training are football walls, which are a special barrier that imitates players. The use of such a solution significantly improves the effectiveness of the game, and also improves the satisfaction of training sessions. Read more...


Most often, the training wall is used to train free throws. It consists of figures imitating height and posture of the average player. One element of the wall corresponds to one player, where such a wall consists of several "players", and therefore raises the level of difficulty of the game during training. Most often, the training wall is hammered into the turf with special dowels. It is an extremely practical, but also durable solution that can be enjoyed for many years, because this wall is resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions.


The SPORT TRANSFER offer includes several extremely useful accessories for football training, including:

1. Elite 180 cm portable training wall

This portable football training wall is made of the highest quality rubber-plastic material and is therefore resistant to damage. What's more, when you hit the ball, it bends, thus absorbing the impact, and then returns to its original position. You can easily buy a trolley or individual bases for it, so you can also use it on artificial surfaces or the hall.

2. Inflatable football training wall

The inflatable football training wall consists of three-dimensional figures that simulate real football players. The height of this portable, blown self-rising wall is 2.05 meters, which corresponds to the average height of a player during a jump. Each of such three-dimensional figure has handles on the sides that greatly facilitate transport. And how does it happen that the character easily stays upright and returns to this position after tilting? The bottom chamber of the inflatable football wall is filled with water.

3. Training wall

Such a football training wall, consisting of five characters, is extremely useful during professional football training. The yellow silhouettes of this wall are made of waterproof material, which is additionally covered with weatherproof paint, ensuring them long-term durability. Characters of this wall after hitting the ball, immediately return to the starting position. To this wall you can buy a trolley to transport it.

4. Trolley for transporting the football training wall

The football training wall trolley is made of steel structure, powder painted green. This is an extremely useful thing, because it facilitates the movement of the training wall, as well as stable placement at the destination. Thanks to the wheels and a comfortable handle, we can transport the wall with virtually no effort.