Basketball rings

Basketball is a popular sports dicipline among children, youth and adults. You can practise on your own by developing your abilities, but it is mostly team game, which can provide many experiences. In presented category we offer necessary elements of equipment for every sports court or hall. Doesn't matter if it's public facility or court on private estate.

Basketball backboard and ring are the elements, which have to be on the court, so the game can be played. What's most important, offered products are distinguished by great durability and are practical equipment, which will prove themselves on facilities, which are intensively exploited.


What's important, we have several types of basketball rings, so you can choose the one, that is the most suitable for your demands. Basic material, from which rings are made, is metal powder covered with a thick layer of paint. It guarantees optimal rust protection, thanks to that, it can be used also on outdoor facilities, placed under the open sky, where it will be exposed to different, unfavorable weather conditions. Additionally, products that are meant to be used outside, are hot dip galvanized, nets are made from little metal circles, which provides more durability. This product has to be prepared this way, to provide sustainability, despite many unfavorable weather conditions.

As we are certain, that this product will survive on outdoor courts, we know for sure, that it can serve a long time on roofed sports halls. It is worth to notice, that basketball ring is profiled, so it can work perfectly in practice. It is also properly resistant to overloads and shocks. By buying such a product, we can be sure that it will be able to serve us for many long years.


In presented category, we collected at least several different basketball rings, so you can choose the one, that will suits your needs the most. Basketball ring can have unique constraction, thanks to which, it can be tilted in any plane. Mechanism, which is resposbile for tilting, is entirely covered. There is additional, avaiable type, which tilting mechanism has system of gas springs. Basketball rings, which are dedicated for indoor facilities, can have additional side reinforcements. Basketball rings have universal dimensions of mounting points, so they can be assembled on any basketball backboard type. To sum up, in this category you can find high quality basketball rings, thanks to which, every sports hall will be prepared to be used even in difficult conditions.