Basketball Backboards

Basketball is one of the most popular team games among youth and adults. In this game, two teams plays against each other. To win, you have to score the most points, by placing the ball in basketball ring. There is also outdoor type of basketball called street basketball. The difference between traditional and street basketball is the fact, that second one is played only on one backstop. If the enemy team wants to score a point, players have to go outside the 3 point scoring line, and after passing it again, they can throw a ball. One of the necessary elements of basketball court equipment is a backboard and ring. What ring and backboard should you pick, so it will serve as long as possible?


Conditions on sports hall or much more equable, than the ones on outdoor courts. That's why on sports halls you can use backboards made from acrylic glass and epoxy resin sheet. This is the cheapest and the most durable solution.

Most of our backboards is meant to be mounted on a wall using special construction, which also can be bought from us. Thanks to the fact, that constructions have specified dimensions, we have certainty, that if there will be need to replace basketball backboards, there will be no problem with adjusting them and correct assembly to the wall.


This is an extremely durable solution, intended for use on basketball courts located in the hall. Acrylic glass 10 mm thick (because it is most often used for the production of basketball backboards) is additionally reinforced along the perimeter with angles that stiffen the entire structure and protect the fragile corners of the glass plate from damage. The basketball hoop is attached with a special reinforcing plate. Thanks to this, it is difficult to tear it away from the board, even if someone tries to pull it up. Acrylic boards look much better than traditional epoxy or metal ones. There are backboards 105 x 180 and 90 x 120 in our store.


An epoxy basket board is probably the most popular solution that can be found in gyms and outdoor fields. As in the case of acrylic boards, the epoxy boards available in our offer are usually intended for assembly on constructions. Some of them can also be mounted on a steel post. Boards made of solid epoxy board are characterized by very good resistance to environmental factors. We also offer openwork steel boards. These boards are subjected to hot-dip galvanizing, so we are 100% sure that the boards will not start to rust. As with other types of basketball backboards, here we can also offer backboards in sizes 105 x 180 cm and 90 x 120 cm.