Umpire stands for volleyball

There is no volleyball without refereeing at the proper level. Providing the umpire with the best possible conditions for observing and controlling the course of the match is a priority that we have also noticed. And that's why our offer includes standard and professional volleyball umpire stands. Umpire stands - ensure the right level of refereeing.


We offer professionally made volleyball umpire stands. Our offer includes solutions made of aluminum as well as steel stands. The first ones will prove themselves especially in the case of competitions, during which there is a need to quickly move and mount the selected stand in a specific place. In turn, steel stands provide greater stability and the ability to adjust the height of the platform on which the referee stands. Regardless of the variant chosen, however, we assure you that our entire range meets all the requirements of the national and international Volleyball Federation.


Our stands for umpires are designed in such a way, as to ensure as much comfort as possible for the umpire. Their lightweight, durable construction does not obstruct the important areas of the court, which is very important both for the umpire himself and for fans and players. The aforementioned structural minimalism also facilitates communication within the field, thus preventing misunderstandings and difficulties in the game. However, this is not all. Regardless of the variant you choose, our volleyball stands designed for referees are lightweight, which makes transport within the field very easy.


Elements included in the stands available in our offer are fully reliable. They will not destroyed, which is sometimes the case with many solutions offered by our competitors. All structural elements of the steel stand are painted using the powder method, thanks to which their structure is additionally protected against adverse external influences. It should be noted that their repeated folding and unfolding does not adversely affect the quality of individual connections. The whole has been designed to provide the referee with stable support during the match.


Volleyball umpire stands available in our offer are characterized by very high ergonomics, resulting mainly from the original and ingenious approach to its design. An important advantage is the ability to adjust its height, which undoubtedly contributes to a better quality of refereeing. The introduction of a special anti-slip tape is also important, with the help of which we secure the stairs leading to the top of the station.


Our umpire stands, just like any other volleyball equipment, are characterized by very high quality. If you have any questions about our product range, please contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions.