Streetbasket constructions

Basketball is a great fun time for anyone who wants to spend time actively. It can be played by children and adults, not only professionals, but also people taking their first steps in this game.


STREET BASKET basketball constructions give you the opportunity to play anywhere and move the basket to different surfaces. All this is possible thanks to the portable design, which is a lot of fun and is extremely functional. They can be used by sports clubs, amateurs, schools or sport event organizers.


The mobility of this construction makes assembly and storage extremely easy. Mobile constructions are additionally of excellent quality, they are also characterized by durability and resistance to external factors. Therefore, they can be used in all conditions, both indoors (e.g. in a sports hall) and outside (e.g. in an open field).


Basketball structures are created using steel profiles. It is designed so that it does not require the use of assembly tools during installation. The acrylic glass board looks extremely impressive, and additionally has a high resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage of various types.

The set also includes net for the ring, structure padding and a tilting rim. Another advantage is the fact that in such a construction you can easily adjust the height, adapting it to your needs. This will allow you to adapt the backstop to players of all ages, affecting their comfort during the game.


An extremely interesting product is also a mobile construction with a load. Its composition includes elements such as; basketball backboard (made of epoxy resin sheet), ring net, structure padding, load drum and reinforced basketball ring. It is also used indoors and outdoors. The design is designed to play street basket.


Basketball is an excellent form of entertainment and sport. Therefore, it requires the use of professional equipment that will facilitate the game - regardless of whether we are professional players or amateurs. One of the most important things on the basketball court are of course the constructions for the game. The basketball structure is adapted to open spaces, closed sports halls or special outdoor fields. The design has special rings and boards that allow you to perform games. Equipment for this sport can be used even in your own yard, not only on a special pitch. It makes us happily join the game, engaging friends and family to have fun together. It is worth to bet on good quality and solid performance. The construction must be durable and serve us for many years.

Playing sports can be pure pleasure if you have the right equipment. In the case of team play, which is basketball, special structures are required.