Accessories for volleyball

Can you imagine volleyball without e.g. a ball, net or a professionally made court? Of course not. Just as you cannot imagine a professional match without tools for measuring height, antennas and signals. In our assortment, in addition to all well-known products, we also want to offer you a range of accessories, without which you cannot play a professional match. Accessories - an essential element of any volleyball court.


Our volleyball accessories are characterized by very good quality and accuracy. This applies especially to products for which accurate manufacturing is essential. Regardless of the application, each of the accessories was made according to strictly defined standards. What's more, they have the appropriate technical approval and certification, so that they can also be used when organizing professional meetings. All professional accessories that can be found in our assortment, additionally meet the requirements of both Polish and global federations. This further emphasizes their value.


As we mentioned earlier, in our offer you can find both accessories well known to everyone, as well as those less known, which are not so ""noticeable"". However, playing a professional match without them is quite impossible. In the second group you can find an assortment that will work during professional meetings. Signalers and players substitution boards are just a small part of it. Nevertheless, regardless of the way of use, each of these accessories is made in a professional and careful manner, in accordance with the recommendations of the volleyball federations.


We offer volleyball equipment that is not only used on the court, but also outside. In this group, the dominating role is played by carts, shelves and storage handles, which allow balls and many other items to be stored in a selected place. We make every effort to ensure that this range meets the highest expectations of our customers.


We focus not only on players and spectators, but also on umpires. Therefore, our assortment could not lack solutions that will positively affect the comfort of refereeing. Antennas for volleyball and measures for the net are the basic, though not the only element of our offer. Each of these products are made of specific materials and according to strict rules. Thanks to this, our customers can be sure that this equipment will be perfect both before and during the match.


Offering you volleyball court equipment, we make every effort to ensure that the range we present meets all sport and technical requirements. Throughout the existence of our company, we honor the principle of fair play, also submitting it to the products available from us.