Outdoor barrier netting mounted on steel posts

Although many people think that young people are more likely to spend time in front of the computer and TV, this is not entirely true. Children and young people still like to play sports, take part in additional sports activities and actively spend their free time on the local playgrounds. It is worth ensuring that this time spent on school and housing fields is a safe time for both players and fans sitting in the stands. Read more...


Football fields and school sports facilities currently under construction usually have stands. This greatly facilitates the organization of events and tournaments. Sports struggles are more readily watched when you can admire them from the stands and support your favorite team. However, as you can guess, even cheering on a school match can be dangerous when the ball is struck and hits the person sitting in the stands. Prevention of such situations is possible thanks to appropriate protection, which is barrier netting for school playgrounds. They guarantee safety for people sitting in the stands. All balls heading towards the audience are stopped by the net.


The barrier nettings are usually in the form of nets attached to steel or aluminum posts. All protective nets and safety nets have appropriate mesh sizes to ensure that the ball stops. The type of net should be adapted to the type of sport, that will be played on the field. It is worth remembering that the smaller the ball, the smaller the mesh size should be. The purpose of the barrier netting is primarily to secure the audience and guarantee that the knocked out ball will quickly return to the bottom of the pitch and the game will be played without interruptions. Therefore, the barrier nettings should absorb the energy of the flying ball, so that they do not bounce it with similar force, because then it could in turn hit the player.

But the barrier netting is not only protection - it can also be used as a fence surrounding the entire sports field.


Safety nets should be adapted to the size, type of field and sport played. Therefore, it is worth entrusting the design and implementation of the net to a company that has experience in this matter and will provide a net suitable for the requirements. Protective nets should also be properly installed, otherwise they may not perform their function properly. Installation should also be entrusted to the appropriate company that will install the nets properly.


Nets for school playgrounds should be resistant to weather conditions and intensive use. The height of the net also often differs for outdoor pitches. For sports halls are usually installed differently and have a different design. Barrier nettings for school playgrounds should therefore be properly selected and adapted for outdoor use. Otherwise they will not guarantee safety and facilitate the organization of the game. It is worth choosing nets adapted to the fields and objects located outside.