Height adjustment mechanism

For many people, basketball is the most engaging and interesting sport. It can be played by adults, youth and children. Is a great way to spend time actively. Basketball can be practiced amateur, but you can also play it professionally, being a member of the basketball team. What is crucial to make basketball training possible is the right place, which, thanks to professional equipment, will work well in training as well as in major matches and tournaments.

In addition to the field itself or the sports hall, you also need a board, ring, net for the ring, and preferably also the professional mechanisms for adjusting the height of the board presented in this product category. Of course, the quality of these products should be high, because it must be assumed that a given sports facility can be used very intensively. We have no worries as to whether our products will work in practice - we vouch for their quality as well as for the convenience of use.


Depending on the height of the players, the basketball ring should be set at different heights. For this reason, it is so important that the basket board itself has the ability to move to adjust the height of the ring to the height of the players. The basketball board should be placed a little higher for adults, and for training and matches of children or teenagers should be lowered accordingly. You do not need to say much about the fact that it very much determines the comfort of players - it is best that the object can be adapted to the requirements of each age group. That is why it is so important to equip a sports facility with mechanisms that allow you to easily adjust the height of the basketball backboard.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of height adjustment mechanisms, which are designed for indoor facilities, such as, for example, basketball courts in sports halls. The mechanisms proposed allow the board to be adjusted in the range of 2.60 m - 3.05 m. These are mechanisms that use a bearing roller system that moves in the rail, and thus allow comfortable and smooth height adjustment of the board. In addition, the mechanism is solid and professional, it is durable and can easily be used for many years even in case of intensive use of a given sports facility. The proposed mechanisms dedicated for indoor facilities are available in different versions, depending on which backboard they are to be used for, they can be mechanisms applicable to the board 105x180cm and to the smaller version of the board 90x120cm.

An alternative solution is a mechanism that is dedicated to open facilities, i.e. outdoor courts. In this case, the mechanism is additionally galvanized and can also be adapted to both larger and smaller boards. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the mechanisms presented in this category.