Padding for beach volleyball posts

Volleyball is a game where dynamics play an important role. And this is not just about the style of play or changing the situation on the court, but above all about... ball. Yes, it is the ball, often accelerated to speeds above 100 kilometers per hour, that can damage the elements of the court equipment. And that's why equipment in our range has appeared to prevent this. Post padding - an element of beach volleyball equipment that is always worth remembering.


Beach volleyball posts are elements that can be relatively easily damaged. Despite their high strength, strong ball hits can destroy them over time. So how do you protect them? In such situations, post padding, which are usually specialized lagging, work best. Those, that can be found in our offer, are made of special material. Thanks to it, a flying ball does not ricochet but loses some of its energy. As you can guess, it will be of great importance not only for the local infrastructure, but above all for the players themselves.


We offer paddings for volleyball posts, which, in themselves, can be a comfortable and cheap advertising space. You decide what to print on the padding. Especially since this form of marketing is very profitable and at the same time involves a large number of contacts with potential customers. Our paddings have a relatively large surface. Thanks to this, the content presented on them will become perfectly visible to all fans.


Paddings that can be found in our assortment have comfortable and durable mounts. Thanks to them, even the strongest impacts and the most adverse weather conditions will not adversely affect the durability of the covers. The Velcro strips used in them have a relatively large usable area. This means that they will retain their properties even several years after purchase. We do not hide that it is the durability of our products that is our main goal. The introduction of Velcro makes our paddings universal. So they can be mounted to posts of any diameter. That is why our products are so popular among our customers.


The paddings for volleyball posts, which are part of our range, are products from the highest, volleyball shelf. Thanks to the appropriate material, they are characterized by high resistance to kinetic effects and changing weather conditions.