Goal barrier nets

Barrier nettings are reliable ball catchers that should be in every handball goal. It's hard to imagine a handball game without this element. It is thanks to it, that the ball stops on the net.


Our offer includes only barrier netting made of solid materials. These are certified materials that survive even the most intensive use. This is an excellent proposition for people who put the quality and life of the product first. Such a net will remain intact for many years. An additional plus is the fact that it is precisely finished.

Durable barrier netting will be ideal for both professional and amateur sports facilities. Their advantage is not only above average durability, but also a favorable purchase price. There are products that meet stringent norms and standards. They survive even the most intensive use. They don't break under heavy impact. The net softens the stroke and thus stops the ball.


We make every effort to ensure that our range is varied and adapted to the needs of even the most demanding people. A wide selection of barrier netting means that you can easily choose the right element. We have nets compatible with the dimensions of most standard goals. The size of the barrier netting is flexibly adjusted to the needs. The ball is effectively stopped, but it is not braided with material. So we'll get the ball out of the barrier netting much more efficiently. These barrier nettings are used during many official sporting events, e.g. European Handball Championships. These are premium quality products.

When choosing barrier netting, it's also good to pay attention to their load. The larger it is, the more stable the ball is in the goal. In addition, it is worth matching the color to the arrangement of the object so as to obtain a coherent whole.