Team shelters

Matches of various team games always arouse incredible emotions and attract crowds of observers. As soon as the season begins, larger and smaller professional and amateur teams, for example organized in workplaces, neighborhood clubs and many other places, arrange sport skirmishes. Read more...
A well-organized pitch with professional team shelters is essential. Then every football match will look more professional.


Sports seats for players are needed, among others, for substitute players. When the most important players are on the pitch, at least a few or even a dozen of other people are ready. They are watching the game in suspense and waiting for their turn.
Shelters for substitute players, in the basic or exclusive version, are a comfortable place for other players, where they can rest for a while and from where they can enjoy the game.

The most important parameters of a good team shelter are:

- the shelter structure is made of steel profiles,

- galvanized profiles or painted in the color chosen by the customer (from the RAL palette),

- shelter cover in several versions: cellular polycarbonate, transparent solid polycarbonate or solid brown polycarbonate with aluminum finishing,

- plastic seats for players, in the following colors: blue, green, red, yellow,

- number of seats in the range of 2-16, number of places made to order,

- additionally, a platform made of sheet metal or plywood, waterproof and anti-slip, finished with artificial grass.

This type of shelter for players is a comfortable place where substitute players can spend time waiting for their turn in the game, relax and rest. The shelter properly protects against rain, wind and gives you the opportunity to relax freely.


Comfortable and spacious, they allow you to catch your breath during the match, relax and rest. The shelter for substitute players in the exclusive version has a floor finished with artificial grass, it is an elegant way to refine the smallest details of the project - the number of seats in this type is to be determined.

A comfortable shelter for technical delegates is certainly one of the necessary elements of a good stadium equipment. If the matches played attract crowds and are more than just a clash of neighborhood teams - professional sports seats and shetlers for players as well as judges and technical delegates, it is an indispensable element of the sports facility equipment. The ability to choose the color of the seats, for example referring to the colors of the team, is the best way to personalize the shelters. High quality and perfect design guarantee quality for many years.