Handball goals

An essential element of handball is the goal. Due to the specificity of sport, it must be extremely durable and stable. Our store's range includes handball goals that meet even the most stringent quality requirements.

Due to the growing popularity of handball, we have made sure that our store's offer includes not only professional handball goals, but also goals from safety mattresses - ideal for all beginners who want to minimize the risk of any injury at the beginning of their adventure with handball, as well as mini handball goals.


All handball goals available in our assortment are made of the highest quality materials, guaranteeing their durability and safety. They are characterized by a solid and stable construction ensuring comfort and safety of the game in both open and closed facilities. Our over 20 years of experience is a guarantee of the highest quality confirmed by cooperation with many centers in the country and Europe.


We offer professional handball goals, which are the only ones in the world to be certified by the International and European Handball Federation, IHF and EHF. They are made of aluminum profiles (80x80 mm), which are additionally reinforced and ribbed.

Our store also offers handball goals made of steel profile.

The arches of these goals are folded, which greatly facilitates their storage or transport. The post with the crossbar in the corner of the goal is connected with a special connector. In contrast, the net is usually attached to the bottom of the arches and the bottom crossbar using PP hooks. In turn, the handball goal itself is attached to the ground in 4 points with floor lids. Both PP hooks for hanging the net, as well as floor fastening elements, end caps and non-destructive spacers are included in the set.


For beginners, we offer handball goals made of insulating mattresses with a total dimension of 3x2 m. It is also an ideal solution for small rooms without additional storage space. The gates are attached to the wall with a Velcro strap, which greatly simplifies their disassembly.