Beach handball goals

Poles are true lovers of team sports, such as volleyball or handball, for example. Supporting unites Poles, very often, on the wave of emotions associated with important games, they also start playing with friends or family. Professional beach handball goals will therefore find their recipients both among private individuals, but also among schools, municipal sports halls, community centers and many other institutions where an active lifestyle is promoted.


Handball is one of Poland's beloved sports - all related to the huge successes of the national team, which has achieved great results at European and worldwide tournaments. It is such sporting events, crowned with medals, that spark interest in a particular sport among children and young people, as well as among adults who then organize themselves into teams. They function, for example, in sports schools, sports college teams, university teams, or simply within a company or corporation. To make sports games meaningful, you need to get good sports equipment such as a handball goal. The store offers a wide range of different types of goals, including beach handball goals. So there are professional handball goals - portable, standard aluminium handball goals (3 by 2 meters), professional aluminium handball goals (3 by 2 meters), sleeved aluminium goals (3 by 2 meters), steel goals (3 by 2 meters), as well as mini handball goals measuring 2.4 by 1, 6 meters. In addition, there are also handball goals made of safety mats, which are ideal for undersized rooms that lack space to store equipment. All the goals available in the store are easy to carry, to assemble and disassemble, and to store in warehouses. This makes it possible to efficiently organize the space for playing the game, and then allows for simple and quick cleanup of sports equipment, so that the game room or sports hall is ready for the next activity.


Summer is the perfect time to play your favourite team games on the beach. The landscape of Polish beaches is more and more often diversified with good-quality playing fields, which are very eagerly used by people making holiday by the sea. In addition, beach handball tournaments are organized in very many seaside towns, for example, as part of organized summer festivals, picnics and other events. Beach handball goals offered by our company are certified by IHF and EHF. They are easy to install, equipped with additional sleeves that allow them to be fixed in the sand. They can also be easily disassembled and then packed and transported to a suitable storage location.