Pitch line marking trolleys and paints

A specially designed cart is used to paint the lines on the pitch. With its help, it is possible to make even lines with sharp edges. We offer such professional trolleys in the SPORT TRANSFER offer. Read more...


The SPORT TRANSFER offer includes four models of such trolleys:

1. Pitch line marking trolley - roller

This type of trolley is equipped with a roller system that simply and easily applies lines evenly to the pitch. Their width is constant and it's 10 cm. The trolley is equipped with two pumped wheels, which greatly facilitate the movement on the grass. And it's worth noting that it weighs 22 kg. One full tank (with a capacity of 15 liters) we are able to paint lines of a full-size football field.

2. Pitch line marking trolley - chalk

This trolley is designed for marking lines on grassy fields (football turfs) and covered with brick powder (tennis courts). It is 120 cm long, 90 cm high, 65 cm wide and weighs 15 kg. To facilitate the work, a 15-centimeter guide indicator was installed in it, which enables chalking on still visible old lines or a new line of the pitch or court.

This model of the line trolley has adjustable thickness of painted lines from 5 to 10 cm, thanks to which we can easily determine the lines of the field for playing football, handball, volleyball, basketball or tennis. This adjustment is made manually by means of a rotary wheel located at the bottom of the tank. In addition, it has three rubber wheels and a 15-liter chalk container. The spraying system in this trolley is powered by a swivel wheel, which is mounted on the bottom of the container. Thanks to this, the chalk powder is sprayed evenly on the painted surface. The comfortable handle makes it easy to guide.

3. Pitch line marking trolley SUPERMATIC

This trolley for painting lines on the pitch is made of stainless steel. It has automatic pressure maintenance without a pressure tank, but with a hand pump. Thanks to the four pumped wheels, it is easy to ride on the grass. The SUPERMATIC line marking trolley is intended for use with ecological paint.

4. Pitch line marking trolley for use with ecological paint

The trolley has a stable steel frame, resistant to weather conditions. It is equipped with three pumped wheels, which greatly facilitates its movement on the pitch. Its mechanism allows you to maintain a constant pressure in the tank, which has a capacity of 10 liters. This line painting trolley on the pitch is designed for use with ecological paint.


To mark the field of the playing field you need not only a special trolley, but also the right paint. Eco-friendly paint available in the SPORT-TRANSFER store is perfect for this. It is used to paint white lines on the grass of the pitch. There are three versions to choose from, with a capacity of 14, 15 and 20 kg.