Court divider nets

With the arrival of spring, everyone is buying new sports equipment. It is in the spring that there is usually the greatest motivation to move off the couch, start an adventure in sports, get in shape. Good quality sports equipment, whether for private use or for professional sports fields, courts and arenas, is essential equipment that is sure to be quickly appreciated by users.

Good organization of playing stands is the basis for halls and sports halls to be organized in a way that ensures safety while allowing the best possible use of space. The best quality sports equipment, with the necessary approvals and a long warranty, is the best investment.


Tennis courts are an excellent idea for a sports-related business - although tennis is still rather an elite sport, more and more people are becoming convinced and starting their adventure.

Well-organized tennis courts, which can be used all year round regardless of the weather, are sure to receive a lot of interest from users, especially in large cities.

In order to organize the space in the best and most economical way, court divider nets will be necessary to separate the court. The best ones are made of very strong polypropylene - a one-time investment will therefore pay off for years, the court dividing net will not tear.

Such protective nets allow even several pairs of players to use the facility at the same time. They come in several of the most popular colours - green, white and dark green.

The dimensions of such a tennis court divider net are 2.5 x40m or 3x40m. In addition, the set includes:

• 38 m long steel cable;

• tension elements, two pieces;

• bottom edge weight, pb 200 g/m;

• nylon snap hooks, three pieces/1 m;

We can also make a net in any size.


Excellent quality tennis court ball-stop net is another essential investment to ensure that your tennis court is equipped with the best quality sports equipment. These types of nets for ball-stops are made of polypropylene, which is an extremely strong, flexible, durable material that absorbs the impact of balls. The possibility of making a ball-stop net of different dimensions is a way out of customers' expectations. It is possible to make any length of the ball-stop.

These types of tennis court divider ball-stop nets are suitable for use both outdoors and hidden in tennis halls and courts. We also recommend tennis nets and umpire chairs for tennis.