Beach Handball

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Regular physical activity translates not only into better well-being, but also health. It allows you to take care of a slender figure, gives you confidence, teaches you self-discipline and healthy competition. Our main goal is to promote the love of sports and create safe conditions for both amateurs and professionals to practice sports by providing them with high-quality equipment. Beach handball is increasingly popular in Poland and around the world, so it could not be left out of our store's assortment.


The beach handball equipment available in our store is made of high-quality materials that meet all standards - it is certified by IHF (International Handball Federation) and EHF (European Handball Federation). The beach handball equipment we offer guarantees adequate comfort and safety of the game both at the amateur and professional level. We make every effort to ensure that the assortment of our store is rich and varied to meet the expectations of all our customers.


Successful tournament or recreational play requires getting the right equipment, which primarily includes:

- beach handball goals;

- nets for goals;

- lines for marking the playing field.

Therefore, we offer high-quality and well constructed professional beach handball goals, made of aluminium profiles, along with accessories for fixing them in the sand. They are extremely easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes them extremely functional and comfortable to use. In addition, we offer durable and game-specific nets for beach handball goals.

We are well aware of the fact that a resilient and robust net is crucial for the course of the game at different levels. That's why we offer professional nets for beach handball goals, which are distinguished by solid workmanship and functionality. We offer professional and tournament nets that are sure to provide adequate comfort and safety during games or training.

Another indispensable piece of equipment for the playing field are lines for marking it, which, of course, are available in our store. They are made of polypropylene tape resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions. In addition, the tapes are adjustable in length thanks to special corners. They are very easy to assemble and stable, providing adequate comfort for the game.


We specialize in providing high-end sports equipment and co-operate with many domestic and foreign sports facilities. We have many years of experience in the industry and are happy to share it by providing expert advice. We take an individual approach to each customer to be able to offer solutions that perfectly meet their requirements and expectations.