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We try to be wherever we can plant or nurture a love of sports. In connection with this, the offer of our store could not miss the highest quality equipment necessary for professional and amateur tennis on more or less professional courts.


The tennis equipment in our store will be perfect for professionals and amateurs, and will allow you to conduct training and games at the highest level. We offer high-quality tennis nets in several variants, as well as court divider nets from each other in such a way as to ensure the comfort of the game and prevent balls from entering the courts next to them.

We are well aware that a properly fitted tennis net provides the right comfort for the court, thus translating into the quality of the game. Therefore, the nets we offer have a practical hem and are distinguished by their durability and high resistance to weather conditions.

In addition, the store also offers professional tennis posts to ensure proper stretching of the net, as well as a professional portable tennis set that does not require anchoring in the ground (easy installation and removal). Portable sets are used on courts where traditional mounting of tennis posts with ground-mounted sleeves cannot be used. A game of tennis is also hard to imagine without an umpire supervising the match. Therefore, we offer comfortable tennis umpire chairs in two variants - standard, made of steel and professional made of aluminium. They provide the umpires with the right perspective, in addition to being comfortable and safe.

Professional tennis equipment also include tennis mounting components, tennis screens (shielding the court from the sun and other weather conditions) and various types of tennis accessories (such as professional tennis lines, tensioning belt for lines, supports for singles play, court levelling net or post carts).

Our offer also includes ball-stops for tennis courts and protective nets. Ball-stops around the tennis court help prevent balls from falling off the playing field, making the game more comfortable for both professionals and amateurs.


According to us, regular physical activity means not only better health, but also well-being. The game of tennis perfectly shapes the figure, engaging all parts of the muscles and gives a lot of satisfaction, so it is worth trying your hand at this sport. We offer portable tennis teaching sets in two sizes - ideal for children, but not only. They will make learning to play tennis easier and more comfortable.


Tennis requires the right equipment to ensure the safety of training and games. Therefore, the range of our store includes only the highest quality equipment that meets European standards and has the necessary certificates. The highest quality tennis equipment ensures safety, but also significantly increases the comfort of the game. Functional solutions allow you to create a professional tennis court in almost any conditions - in a gymnasium, sports hall, court.


We have many years of experience, which gives us an advantage in the market. What sets us apart is our professionalism in terms of services and goods. We provide professional assistance and advice.

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