Ceiling mounted constructions

Solid and durable basketball ceiling structures are an investment for many years. All elements used in production meet strict norms and standards. They are resistant to the harshest operating conditions, thanks to which they will remain in perfect condition for many seasons. A durable basketball construction guarantees the highest level of security. This is an ideal option, if we care about the professional equipment of the sports facility.


The proposed basketball ceiling structures are made of steel profiles that are resistant to any damage associated with the operation of the sports facility. It should be emphasized that they are characterized by high stability and reliability. Their operation is extremely simple and trouble-free, which increases the comfort of use.

The offered basketball ceiling constructions have been equipped with an electric drive. Steel cables are wound on an electric motor drum, thanks to which it is possible to raise and lower the structure. Such models are mounted to roof supporting elements.

Top-class basketball constructions are above average, so you don't have to worry about them being damaged e.g. after hitting the ball. No dents or scratches will appear on their surface. This translates into high safety of people on the field. You can leave the basket at any time and lift it up after the match.


A basketball basket is a basic element of every sports facility's equipment. Very often, however, it happens that the facility is used for many different sports. That is why electric ceiling basketball constructions are a good solution. Thanks to them, the facility will be perfectly tailored to the needs. In addition, the basketball backboard or other items will not be damaged. This type of solution provides freedom and convenience of use. That is why it is used so often.

Our offer includes only high quality equipment. It enjoys recognition of the most demanding. The wide selection means that we can choose all the elements necessary to play basketball without any problem.

Each basketball facility should be arranged in a professional manner. Only then will the game be a pleasure. The proposed equipment will be an excellent choice if we want to create a functional place that can be flexibly adapted to your requirements. Contrary to appearances, you don't have to spend a fortune on it. However, it is important to be guided primarily by its standard when choosing equipment. It is worth paying special attention to technological parameters that can tell us a lot about the durability and length of life of the devices. Our offer includes everything that is needed to create a safe basketball court.