Tennis sets

Recently, tennis has been growing in popularity. And there is nothing surprising in this, since it is a sport that gives a lot of satisfaction and perfectly shapes the figure thanks to the fact that it engages all parts of the muscles. It is a great sport, both for children and adults. Tennis is usually trained on special courts, but there is nothing to prevent you from preparing a place to train on the field, gymnasium or sports halls, using the portable tennis sets we offer.


We offer high-quality tennis sets in a variety of options. They are extremely comfortable and safe, thus allowing you to create a tennis court anywhere - such as a school field or gymnasium.

The portable tennis set is extremely easy to install and does not need to be permanently fixed to the ground. After the training or tournament is over, the set can be disassembled and stowed away very easily and quickly. Our tennis training sets are suitable for both professional and amateur play.


The professional tennis training set has aluminium posts (80 cm /80 cm), as well as a screw tension mechanism inside the post, which makes it much easier to set and tension the net properly. We have high-class nets for tennis adapted to the specifics of the game. They are resistant to impacts, as well as weather conditions, so they stand out for their long life and meet all norms and standards. The professional tennis training set in our offer meets the requirements of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) standard.

We also offer a tennis training kit for children and teenagers. It is available in two different sizes:

- 6.0 m X 0.7 m;

- 3.0 m X 0.7 m.

The portable tennis set will help encourage children and teenagers to be physically active and discover the joy of learning and playing tennis, which is sure to give them a lot of fun and satisfaction.

The children's tennis sets we offer are complete and ready to assemble. They are equipped with a stable frame and a net. In addition, they are extremely easy to assemble and disassemble, and do not take up much space when folded. Like a professional tennis set, they are distinguished by their high resilience and are fully adapted to the requirements and specific conditions of the game. Undoubtedly, the portable tennis set for children will be suitable for installation in a gymnasium, sports hall or court allowing children to learn the game and improve it.

In addition, we offer various types of tennis accessories, such as umpire chairs, tennis court divider nets or professional tennis lines, with which you can easily prepare a fully professional tennis court for professionals and amateurs.