Barrier netting

Properly prepared and professionally installed protective nets will ensure safety on any type of pitch, regardless of whether it is a football pitch, volleyball or any other sport. Regardless of whether the pitch serves school or professional players. Nets can be used in any type of sports facility. Read more...


Made of modern and durable materials, the barrier nettings are great for use in outdoor facilities. The materials used for the production of both nets and profiles are resistant to various atmospheric conditions, which translates into their durability. The use of nets separating the pitches ensures safety to people not participating in the game - spectators and bystanders, and also protects against loss of the ball by falling out of the pitch. Aluminum reinforcements used in barrier netting system for sports fields ensure their durability during even the most intensive use.

Barrier netting can also be used on school fields. Such pitches, very often - especially in cities - are located next to school buildings or other types of buildings. The use of this type of covers reduces the risk of the ball falling out of the field and causing any loss. If the school has limited space, properly used barrier netting can help divide it so that it can be used by the maximum number of students.

The offer includes safety nets for various types of playing fields, such as volleyball courts, but also barrier netting for tennis courts - for which the protection of spectators in the stands is particularly important.

An interesting point on the offer are barrier nettings for golf courses. Due to the specifics of this sport and the possibility of knocking out a golf ball with great force, these types of nets must be large enough and particularly durable to maintain the safety of bystanders.


Safety nets play a special role, but they are also very versatile in the case of sports halls, especially school facilities. They protect hall windows against smashing with stray balls, they also give the opportunity to fence selected sections and to use them for separate purposes. The design of this type of ball grips also makes it easy to rearrange them and arrange the space as needed.

Protective nets intended for ice rinks must be particularly durable due to the properties of the hockey puck. These nets are made of durable and modern synthetic fibers that ensure the safety of spectators in the stands.


Barrier netting that have been in use for some time, as well as nets, often, to maintain durability, require regular maintenance and, if necessary, minor repairs. The offer includes additional assembly kits and repair kits, with the help of which the repair of protection nets is easy and can be carried out professionally.