Wall-mounted rail

Volleyball is becoming increasingly popular in our country. We play everywhere: in gymnasiums, sports halls, specialist and amateur fields. Our offer of wall rails is addressed to those who want to play volleyball, tennis or badminton, but the dimensions of the room do not allow the net to be fixed on posts.


It happens that due to the fact that the gymnasium is too narrow (9-12 meters) to play volleyball, it is not possible to set up posts because they would take up valuable space, narrowing it down. Therefore, the ideal solution in such a case is to fix the net to the wall with wall rails. These rails are mounted to the wall with screws, which makes their installation extremely simple, fast and safe. The height of our rails is 2 meters, which allows them to be used not only for volleyball but also for badminton.


The offered rails are made of powder coated steel profiles. This makes them extremely robust, load-bearing and simple in appearance and use. The latest technology used guarantees high quality of workmanship.


Our rails, when used in accordance with the rules, do not pose a risk to life and health as they are made in accordance with a European standard. Moreover, the way of mounting minimizes the risk of running over or colliding with the rails, as their dimensions make them adjacent to the wall making them a safe element of volleyball, badminton or tennis.


Professional wall rail sets allow the grid to be mounted at five points on each rail. This ensures that it is securely fastened and properly stretched. Therefore, the comfort of game is practically the same as when using posts.


The tensioning mechanism used by us facilitates proper stretching of the net. Its sliding action with a locking option allows you to hang the net at any height. This allows universal use of our set of wall rails for volleyball and badminton.


Our set of wall rails is made of steel profiles, which are powder coated in any RAL colour. Almost unlimited possibilities of using colours give full freedom to match the appearance of the rails to the pitch. This way we can realize every individual order.


Our offer includes professional and standard wall rail sets. We also offer nets that we can help you to complete with selected rails.

Please check our full assortment and contact us by phone or e-mail. We approach each client individually and professionally.