Volleyball nets

It's hard to imagine playing volleyball without a full-size net. That is why, when choosing the assortment included in our offer, we put so much emphasis on the selection of appropriate solutions. We guarantee that they meet all assumptions about the net's resistance to overloads and external influences. Volleyball net - the basic element of every court.


This is the basic premise that we follow when choosing a volleyball net. Contrary to appearances, the net does not have to be durable in itself. Its resistance to external influences (e.g. ball hits) depends primarily on the material from which it was made. What's more, during the game the volleyball net is also exposed to overload from players using the attack or block. Therefore, the vast majority of our solutions are made of polypropylene. In combination with a Kevlar or steel line, it allows you to achieve maximum strength properties, so that even the most exciting match will not damage it.


Professional volleyball net should be marked accordingly. To this end, special tapes are used on its upper and lower edges to improve its visibility. This has obvious impact on improving the comfort of the game as well as the quality of refereeing. All nets included in our assortment meet these assumptions, thanks to which they can also be successfully used at top-level competitions and tournaments - also world-wide. What's more, the additional elements of the volleyball net are made of special, reinforced materials, which reduces the chance of their destruction during the game to almost zero.


The volleyball nets available in our offer are manufactured based on a special technology that makes them perfect both ""in the open air"" and in a properly prepared and professional hall. The use of special materials for their production minimizes the temperature expansion of the material, which is very important during the match. What's more, each of our nets is resistant to stretching, due to which its structure is not damaged, even in conditions of strong rain or intense sunlight.


Each volleyball net that can be found in our assortment is designed to provide a stable connection with the post structure. To this end, a special four-point linkage mechanism has been introduced to ensure maximum net stability. The use of this solution also affects its even tension and the lack of any unevenness.


Each of our volleyball nets, regardless of their model and purpose, is a safe, stable and durable product. This is directly influenced by its design, which is based on appropriate materials and the latest technology. We guarantee that our nets will work in all conditions.