Gymnastic and safety mats

Many gymnastic mattresses are available for sale, so everyone will find something suitable. It is very important not to buy the first better product, but to adjust the mattress to your individual needs and expectations. Gymnastic mattresses available in the offer are ideal for both general gymnastics and a number of other exercises. They are available in non-slip and double / triple folded versions. What to look for when choosing a gym mattress? Read more...


When buying a gymnastics mattress, there are a few important points to note. It is very important what material the mattress was made of and how it was filled. Another issue is the mattress hardness, its size and thickness. The gym mattress is thicker than a traditional training mat, thanks to which you can do much more different types of physical exercises and even aerobatic training. During everyday workouts at home it is enough to buy a mattress for exercises made of good quality PVC. Such a mattress is then more durable, i.e. more resistant to cracks and abrasions. However, when it comes to filling gymnastic mattresses, re-foamed polyurethane foam works best. Good quality filling is the basis when it comes to guaranteeing resistance to deformation and clumping.

When choosing a gymnastic mattress, make sure you adjust its hardness to the type of exercises performed on it. Every day and for children, the soft T60 will work best. It is a combination of comfort and safety while training. On the other hand, for sports that require a stable base, combat sports, it is recommended to buy a T120 gymnastic mattress. Universal mattresses, on the other hand, have medium hardness and are marked with the symbol T90. The size of the gym mattress is also important. The standard ones have dimensions of 200x120 cm. They allow you to perform most sports and general development exercises. A larger surface area can be obtained by joining several mattresses together with Velcro sewn in on the sides. However, when it comes to the thickness of the gymnastics mattress, it usually ranges from five to ten centimeters. The harder the mattress is, the smaller its thickness.


The more often the gym mattress will be used and the more intense the training will be, the thicker it must be. Too thin a mattress will be less resistant to damage. The material from which the mattress was made must be not only durable, but also easy to keep clean. It should also provide stability and flexibility - it must not slide on the floor. It is best to buy gymnastic mattresses from reputable manufacturers, i.e. a well-known and respected brand. We also offer gym benches and gymnastic wall-bars.