Fittings and accessories for barrier nets

The installation of a safety net is very important at various sports facilities. Regardless of whether it is installed inside a sports hall or an outdoor facility, it plays an important role in protecting the audience. Read more...
However, achieving efficiency is not limited to buying nets, it is important to properly install and assemble elements that allow the nets to play their role well. They are especially important in the case of outdoor playing fields, where all elements are exposed to weather conditions.


The barriet nettings should be mounted on appropriate profiles using appropriate fasteners. They allow you to attach the net so that the speeding balls are not able to break it and puncture it. They are usually made of aluminum or a hot-dip galvanized steel - resistant to weather conditions.

Typically, the following products are distinguished from fasteners:

- aluminum or steel profiles of different heights,

- post mounting ground sockets,

- gates that allow the net to be opened when needed and closed quickly,

- carabiners, hooks and struts supporting the poles,

- barrier nettings brackets,

Most of these elements are prepared so that they can be installed outside. Some (such as barrier netting brackets) are designed for wall installation and are suitable for indoor sports halls.


Mounting elements for sports fields should be adapted to the previously selected net and type of facility. An example would be aluminum and steel profiles, whose height should be adjusted to the height at which the net will be stretched. In addition, the greater the load on the net, the more stable the elements should support it. Heavy hits from tennis balls and a hockey puck may require more strength than volleyball courts. It is also worth choosing elements that will meet the expectations of net mobility. In the case of barrier nets, the mounting elements should be selected so that they can be moved or dismantled, if the entire hall span is needed.


Mounting elements, as well as the entire safety net should be installed by the team that deals with the installation on a daily basis. Typically, such services are provided by a company that provides ball grips and mounting hardware. By using such services, you can be sure that they are properly installed and will not disappoint even during strong impacts. In addition, such an installation often determines subsequent proper use and the warranty. However, these are issues that should be determined individually with the supplier and the assembly company.

All additional elements for barrier nettings and assembly equipment are designed to increase the effectiveness of the nets and allow the safe use of this type of solutions. It is worth choosing the highest quality solutions.