Beach football goals

Beach football is a variant of the game of football. This is the so-called beach football, which matches take place on a sand-covered pitch. This is not the only difference to traditional football. The beach football pitch is a bit smaller, and the games are governed by slightly different rules, but the goal of the game remains common - to score as many goals as possible. That is why football goals are one of the basic elements of the beach football field equipment. Read more...


The goal for beach football must be adapted not only to the formal requirements of the game, but also to the specific substrate, which is sand. It is important that the beach football goals are durable and solid. They should also ensure safe and comfortable play.

Our store offers football goals made of oval aluminum profiles with a 100/120 mm diameter. These profiles are mounted in ground sockets and additionally reinforced and ribbed to make them a solid and thus extremely durable construction. Due to the specificity of the beach football goals they must be resistant to overloads resulting from the course of the game and the weather conditions prevailing during the games - e.g. strong sunlight or rain.

Beach football goals in the assortment of our store are powder coated in yellow, making them easily visible. This has a positive effect on the comfort of the game. The professional goal for beach football has the following dimensions: 5.49 x 2.21 m, and its depth in the upper part is 80 cm. The football goal comes complete with groudn scokets with cross piece, that allow it to be firmly fixed in the sand. Of course, the socket can be removed.


Since 2009, regularly every 2 years, beach football world championships have been held, which are becoming more and more popular, also in Poland. The games not only attract viewers - football lovers, but also people interested in training beachfootball.

The beach football goals offered by us will be the perfect equipment for both professional and amateur pitches. They are also excellent training equipment. The high quality of their wokrmanship will make them serve well, creating safe and comfortable conditions for entertainment and training of various types.

Our beach football goals are easy to use and install. They also guarantee stable fastening as well as adequate durability and resistance to all loads arising from both the course of the game and changing weather conditions. A solid football goal is the basis for football training, where not only goalkeepers but also players practice their skills. Perfect for practicing set pieces of the game, accuracy of shots and their defense.