Gymnastic equipment

The development of overall body fitness is one of the important priorities especially in the first stages of a child's life. That is why good quality gymnastic equipment found in gym equipment in schools is so important. Modern gymnastic equipment for professionals and amateurs, enabling children and adults to train, is our domain. Read more...


A well-equipped gym is a place where everyone can develop their overall physical fitness. Children and young people with sports talents, for example for sports gymnastics, can continue their passions and take further steps in such a place. This can lead them, for example, towards professional jobs. A gym equipped with reliable equipment is a place where you simply can't be bored. Under the guidance of a good teacher or trainer, you can spread your wings there, improving, among others, jumping over the chest or vaulting buck. Balance training or gymnastics classes - all children love that. These types of sports activities are included in PE classes at every stage of the school, because they develop general agility.


Agility and precision of movements are skills that nobody is born with. All this needs to be worked out with hard training in the gym. For many people, such gymnastic classes are a great way to relax and find a goal in life. Good quality sports equipment helps develop these passions. In our store you can therefore find a wide selection of basic elements of the gymnastic equipment. Our sports equipment is characterized by excellent quality and precision of workmanship, the best materials, guarantees reliability for many years. We have, among others, high-quality vaulting boxes made of pine wood, covered with ecological leather or also with natural leather. Another of our iconic products for 3 types of gymnastic springboards, some of which are dedicated, among others, to professional sports competitions. We also offer equally high and low sport equivalents, among others made of pine wood with non-slip coating. Two models of pommel horses covered with ecological leather are another addition to the classic gymnastics.


Our next hit products are elements of equipment for exercising on ropes. Great quality rail with running gear for mounting gymnastic ropes, ensures reliability and safety during various exercises. Jute rope and jute ladder for climbing allow you to develop physical fitness and train your arm and hand muscles. This is another permanent element of gyms, among others in secondary and primary schools. We also offer various models of gymnastic bars, including free-standing bars. The complete and perfect equipment of the gymnastic hall, with safe and reliable equipment is our domain.