Outdoor construkctions

The outdoor basketball court must be equipped with above average durability equipment. It is important that it was made of high quality materials that meet all norms and standards. Only then, we will guarantee the highest level of user safety for players. When choosing a sports field equipment, you should first of all pay attention to the quality of the equipment. It is good to familiarize yourself with the technological parameters that determine the durability or safety of use.

Our offer includes only professional elements that are in the best sports facilities in the country. It should be emphasized, that these devices are not only durable, but also economical to buy. This is the best investment for many seasons.


The basketball basket is one of the most important elements of the field, because the game is largely based on it. It is for this reason that he is particularly vulnerable to destruction. That is why we should invest in equipment with increased durability that will withstand any mechanical damage. It should remain firm even on the strongest hits of the ball. It should also be mentioned that outdoor equipment works in particularly difficult conditions. That is why it must be made of weather-resistant materials, such as rain, snow, low and high temperatures, or solar radiation. Weather conditions must not affect their condition in any way.

The offered basketball construction is available in various sizes, so finding the right model will not be a difficult task. They will remain intact despite intensive use. Remember that the construction should have a special cover that protects the players.


We offer basketball structures with high stability that will work in any outdoor sports facility. It is a professional equipment that has gained a positive opinion of experts. It should also be added that we have both single- and double-post constructions.

Outstanding quality equipment has been made with attention to every detail. It is not only practical and durable, but also aesthetically finished. Thanks to it, every basketball court will look impeccable.

The components used to manufacture steel structures have been appropriately strengthened. They are hot-dip galvanized, which increases their corrosion resistance. So you don't have to worry, that under the influence of water, the basketball structure will get rust. Our assortment includes only elements one hundred percent adapted to specific operating conditions. You can easily choose the right equipment for the size of the field.