Volleyball training accessories


We offer high quality volleyball training accessories, which come from reputable manufacturers. They are a combination of high quality workmanship, resistance to accidental damage and good price. Products in this category are perfect for sports facilities and schools. We offer a wide range of goods so that finding the right option is not a challenge. Moreover, we regularly add new articles to our offer, so we encourage you to visit regularly. Our qualified staff will be happy to provide the necessary support during the purchase – please call or e-mail us.


Coordination hurdles and wheels are accessories for volleyball training, enabling comprehensively strengthening of muscles and joints. They are also responsible for improving the precision of movements. They are perfect for motor training. They can be used by both professionals and amateurs, so everything depends on individual needs. A wide range of models makes possible for everyone to find products fully adapted to personal requirements.


The presented volleyball training equipment also includes professional attack learning devices. Most constructions can be used for jump training, at the same time, which increases the range of applications. Simple installation is just one of many advantages. High stability, strength and resistance to accidental damage are worth mentioning. These devices are fully ergonomic and therefore pose no risk to users or the environment.


The volleyball accessories described above are excellent for preparatory exercises. Thanks to them it is possible to strengthen the body and prepare it for intensive effort. There are models in different sizes available in our online shop. What important, they are in practical covers for easy carrying and storage.


The cones are used to mark the playing area. They are particularly popular in large sports facilities, which are shared by several groups. Multi-colour accessories are visible even from a long distance. Special attention should be paid to the models made of durable polypropylene. It is a durable, lightweight and non-convenient material for transport. In our e-shop are also available flat field markers.


As already mentioned, we make every effort to ensure that the range is as varied as possible. We offer among others gym sticks, volleyball block dummies, ball grips, Absolute stroke measuring devices, training platforms with foldable shelf, hurdles with adjustable height, and any others. Convenient purchase conditions encourage to place an order. Do you have any technical issues? We will be happy to provide you with the necessary help. It is worth mentioning that each shipment is sent as quickly as possible. Buy now!