Football goal nets

An indispensable element of a football field is, of course, the football goal and the appropriate goal net. Regardless of whether the games take place on an amateur or professional level, it is worth taking care of the right equipment to provide players with the right comfort. An important role here is played by durable and solid net for football goal. Read more...


The football goal net must be adapted to the specifics of the game. It is extremely important to have a solid net finishing and the durability and resistance of the material from which it is made. The football goal net should be resistant to overloads resulting from the course of the game (e.g. abrasions, stretching, strong impacts on the goal) and atmospheric factors (e.g. intense sunlight, humidity, wind). The aesthetic values of the nets are also important because they increase the comfort of the players and the fans to follow it.

Therefore, our offer includes solid, durable, aesthetic and resistant netting for the football goal. We have goal nets, recommended for both amateur and professional play. Our assortment includes training, tournament and professional nets in various versions and color variants.


We offer professional nets in various variants. These are nets made of durable polypropylene, with dimensions: 7.32 m width, 2.44 m height, depth 200 cm top and bottom, available in various colors. We also have a football goal net that is black on the outside (better visibility for supporters) and white on the inside (better visibility for players).

Depending on the model, the thickness of the net strand per goal is: 3.5-4 mm. The mesh of the net may be in the shape of a hexagon - "honeycombs" (eg in a checkerboard pattern), and the edge of the mesh may be 6 or 10 cm.


The range of our store includes tournament and training nets in two sizes - 7.32x2.44 m and 5.0x2.0 m. All are made of high-strength polypropylene, with a 3 and 4 mm strand thickness and a 10 cm mesh edge.

The tournament nets, like the others, are made of durable polypropylene and are available in various color variants.

The football goal nets offered in our store are of the highest quality, thanks to which they will ensure adequate comfort and safety of various types of games - professional and amateur, as well as training. They are strong, durable and resistant to stretching, so they will last a long time.