Retarding nets behind handball goals

Barrier netting behind handball goals are a must-have for both professional and amateur sports facilities. Our offer includes inexpensive and high-quality protective nets. They were manufactured in accordance with current standards, which translates into high strength and resistance to damage. This is the best investment for many years.

Even the most demanding people will be satisfied with the purchase. It is worth mentioning that we have higher quality barrier netting, which are used e.g. during tournaments.


Proposed barrier nettings are made of certified materials. That is why they are resistant even to very high loads. This means that even the strongest impact will not damage the net. This is a priority during games where it is important not only to secure the object, but also players and the audience.

Strong protective net will effectively stop the ball, so it will not be reflected from the wall or structural elements. In addition, the risk of the ball hitting the stands or the audience is reduced. This translates into higher comfort and freedom of use of the sports facility. Even the fiercest matches will be held in accordance with security rules.

Barrier nettings are a perfect protection against damage to walls, windows or other elements of a sports hall. It is hard to imagine a professionally equipped object without barrier netting. They combine high functionality with aesthetic appearance. The nets look great, so you can easily integrate them in the arrangement of the object.


We offer a wide range of barrier natting, that can be easily adapted to the requirements of a given sports facility. The nets have various strand thickness as well as strength. It all depends on where they will be fastened. It is important to adapt the product to the requirements of the given object. When making decisions, it's also worth paying attention to the mesh size. In addition, the proposed barrier nettings come in many color variants, including white, black, blue, green.

Our rich offer also includes all elements that are necessary to attach protective nets. We are talking here about brackets for barrier netting or fixing accessories. These are products that meet all stringent standards. They are characterized by high durability and resistance to specific operating conditions. They will remain intact for many seasons, which translates into considerable savings.