Beach volleyball post

Beach volleyball is a real pleasure. And it's not just about having a good time outdoors, but also about developing your own body and psychomotor skills. We offer you some of the best beach volleyball posts that will make you feel like real professionals. Beach volleyball posts - buy cheap and safe.


We offer beach volleyball posts, which construction is based on high-class aluminum profiles. Appropriate design allows easy transfer of overloads, caused e.g. by the impact of a ball or strong tension of the net. Thanks to the special design, these loads are fully compensated, which of course adds to the durability of our solutions. However, this is not all. The use of aluminum and additional cover elements allows for effective protection of the post and ensuring maximum safety of use.


Volleyball posts available in our offer have an ultra-modern tension system for retina netting. Thanks to it, it is possible to set the net at a certain height, which will thus be adapted to the needs of players. However, this is not all. Thanks to the innovative tension system, the user will be able to adjust it by himself. This way, the beach volleyball net will get the right elasticity and won't interrupt you during the game. Of course, all of the above mechanisms are properly protected against external conditions, which greatly affects their durability and strength.


Our beach volleyball posts are made based on the best and trouble-free mechanisms. The use of classic eccentrics has not only enabled the effective tension of the net, but also allowed it to stabilize in a specific position. Thanks to this, even a fast-flying ball will not weaken the tension of the net itself. All components of this mechanism (especially the eccentric element) are properly protected against corrosion and will not be damaged even many years after purchase.


The volleyball posts we offer meet the requirements of global standards. In this way we can assure you that the solutions we provide have all the certificates that confirm that our sports equipment complies with Polish and European standards. It also means that the above equipment can also be used during professional sports games organized as part of larger tournaments. If you have any questions about the products in our offer, we will be happy to answer them.


Our beach volleyball posts have all the features of professional sports equipment. They are characterized by high durability, ergonomics and above all safety of use. So if you are looking for professional posts (and not only), be sure to contact us via our website.