Umpire stands for beach volleyball

Beach volleyball only seems to be less professional than its indoor version. In both cases, there are specific rules resulting from the specifics of the location of the competition. It also introduces some changes to the refereeing method, which we fully honor in our store. Umpire stand for beach volleyball - professionalism and safety in one.


Due to the specific conditions on the beach volleyball court, it is necessary to adapt the refereeing conditions to them. To this end, we have introduced to our offer a number of solutions that are adapted to the requirements of beach volleyball. In this way we provide umpires with appropriate working conditions and comfort of refereeing.


We have long been aware that beach volleyball equipment should be characterized by low weight and high mobility, with a function of resistance to external factors. We are aware, that the umpire stand for beach games must be mobile and must be checked in all conditions - also in the rain and during strong winds. That is why our offer is available in this way, by best dealing with such situations. That is why we have introduced to our offer devices for beach volleyball, umpires stands of aluminum construction, which due to their properties are great on the beach.


Beach volleyball accessories should be resistant to sunlight. This rule applies to all accessories also for umpire stands. That is why we make sure that their constructions are made of alloys with minimal temperature expansion. Thanks to this, they are not damaged during prolonged exposure to sunlight and high temperature. What's more, this also applies to mechanisms connecting elements of the stand, which adds to their increased durability and safety of use.


Each of our beach volleyball umpire stands is designed in such a way that it can be folded or unfolded as fast as possible. Ease of use is a key asset in the context of preparation for the match, but reliability is also important, as is also characteristic for the items in our range.


We value the reliability and simplicity of service throughout the entire operation of our company. That is why our beach volleyball accessories (even in the form of the above mentioned stands) are characterized by these features.