Gymnastic wall bars

Everyone knows gymnastic wall-bars. They are necessary equipment for every sports hall or gym. They are increasingly used again as part of training. Their great return is associated with their extraordinary universality. Read more...


The gymnastic wall-bar can successfully be part of strengthening, general development or stretching training. When exercising on the wall-bars, all muscular parts can be practically involved - because the number of possible moves is practically unlimited.

Properly selected exercises on the wall-bars allow you to strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks, back, abdomen, arms, etc., also very well affect the deep and postural muscles. This is of great importance especially for people with back problems. When doing all the exercises on the gymnastic wall-bar, you should first focus on technique. The correct muscle tone during exercise will avoid injury and achieve the desired results in a short time.

The undisputed benefit of exercising with wall-bars is the decisive improvement in speed, endurance and dexterity, and thus also the proper functioning of the neuromotor system.

Exercises at the wall-bars are so easy and safe that we do not even need belaying during their performance - thegymanstic wall-bar is a support point and security during training. Regularly exercising on this type of equipment increases the range of motion in the joints, while working on muscle strength and flexibility. It is worth noting that exercises using a gymnastic wall-bar have a beneficial effect on correct body posture and normalization of the work of internal organs.


The gymnastic wall-bar should be made of durable materials that ensure safe and comfortable use.

Wooden elements must be protected against the penetration of moisture and sweat, but also resistant to mechanical damage. It is important that the appropriate quality of wood is used to make them, in our case it is a beech wood, which guarantees durability of the structure. The rung surface must also be matched and provide a stable grip. Fastening elements must also be made of appropriately stable and durable materials, thanks to which the exercises will be safe and effective.

Depending on your needs, double or single wall-bars are available. Also their height depends on the needs and usually ranges from 2.5 to 3 meters. All these parameters are individually adjusted.