Outdoor barrier netting mounted on aluminium posts

Safety on the pitch is the basis for a perfect match to be played. Our offer includes high-quality accessories that will further contribute to maintain all norms and rules. You can choose from: barrier netting for sports fields, fencing nets, safety nets. Read more...
All this is made of materials that are resistant to weather conditions. So whether in the summer in the heat or in the winter in high frost - nothing will happen and the original state will be the same all the time. It is therefore worth placing such a fence that will work in a given area at the school or at the spotted in the city.


The pitch has its limits, but to make it even safer and secure you can enclose it with nets that look aesthetically pleasing. We offer a system based on aluminum profiles. You can choose a specific color that will be tailored to the surroundings in your location. In this way, you will gain protection for players on the pitch as well as an interesting presence that will not disturb other elements, but emphasize a specific design.


Adequate infrastructure on the pitch is a requirement to be met in every respect. Barrier netting on the pitch will be great here, and what's more, people playing on the pitch will be able to calmly take care of the match without fear of balls falling somewhere far away. To all this you can choose elevations that will be sensational adapted to what is already there. Those who are on the pitch, as well as those who pass by will have a kind of protective barrier. So everyone can come and watch a carefree match and also play with calmness that the balls will be where it needs to be.

A barrier netting around the entire pitch can also replace the fence around the entire sports pitch.


Our company made sure that every part of the barrier netting for sports fields as well as fencing nets and safety nets was made from the best raw materials. You can choose a different height and adapt to the age or skills of the people who will be on the pitch. The ball nets have a DIN EN ISO certificate. In addition, the attachment is solid and ensures stability of the barrier nettings. Any overturning is therefore impossible, so you can easily play and feel simply confident in such territory.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with each of our proposals, which can be implemented according to individual recommendations. We are open to every cooperation, we can competently advise what will be the best in a given case. Where the pitch is located is significant, so we will always try to best match barrier nettings and nets to the conditions prevailing on the selected surface. So if you have questions or want to get an even more detailed specification of the product, there is nothing else but to contact us.