Bramki do piłki nożnej PROFESJONALNE - Przejezdne /7,32 x 2,44 m/Bramki do piłki nożnej PROFESJONALNE - Przejezdne /7,32 x 2,44 m/
Bramki do piłki nożnej PROFESJONALNE - Przejezdne /7,32 x 2,44 m/
Bramki do piłki nożnej PROFESJONALNE - Przejezdne /7,32 x 2,44 m/
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Oval reinforced ribbed aluminium profile - 100/120 mm. Depth: 120/200 cm (top/bottom). Arches made from steel pipe. Bottom frame made of 100/120 mm profile. Goals include system of 4 transporting wheels, attached on special hinge, which can be folded during the game and unfolded for transport – they don't need to be dismantled. Reinforced corners of special design for improved goal stability. Goals composed of parts, attached to each other using special connectors. This solution facilitates transport and off season storage. Set includes: wheels, PP hooks to hang a net. Colour: white. Net attached using PP hooks. Complies with FIFA norm.

• light and bottom frame of the goal made of 100/120mm oval reinforced and ribbed aluminium profile 10_000_1

10_000_2 • goal profiles connected by a special steel connector, which ensures the stability of the entire structure

• the front and bottom frame of the goal entirely made of aluminium 10_000_3

10_000_4 • goal arch made of galvanized steel pipe fi 35mm

• depth of the gate in the upper part 120cm in the lower part 200cm 10_000_3

10_000_4 • system of 4 transport wheels on a special folding hinge during the game and foldable for transport - without the need for disassembly of wheels

• net attached to the goal frame and the base frame with PP hooks in a special embossing 10_000_3

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 CERTIFICATES/ATTESTATIONS/APPROVALS Declaration of Conformity to Standards
 COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS - all types of training football nets with dimensions of 7.32 x 2.44m
 WEIGHT 150,00 kg
 PACKAGE DIMENSIONS 755x26x22cm – 2 pc.
40x40x26 cm – 2 pc.
250x80x10cm – 2 pc.

A portable football goal is an ideal solution for clubs and various sports centres. This type of goal is a perfect idea wherever having multifunctional pitches and halls does not allow for permanent installation of goals due to lack of space. At the same time, football goals of this kind meet all requirements and can be used during professional football training.


The offered goals are primarily a very universal solution. This allows them to be used on full-size outdoor pitches as well as smaller training fields. This kind of goals can be used during professional football trainings as well as for training on school playgrounds. Their construction is very durable and stable because it is made of reinforced aluminium profiles - ribbed, oval with dimensions of 100/120 mm. The arches and crossbars of the goal are made of 35 mm steel pipe. The goal is painted in silver colour. When you purchase, you will receive a set of elements for fastening the goal to the ground and PP hooks for hanging the net. All elements are connected with each other by means of special couplings, which significantly facilitates the assembly and transport and storage of the goal during the off-season. A perfect complement to the goal are sports nets and ball stops for football pitches.


The equipment of sports pitches must meet specific requirements, primarily in terms of dimensions, but also of strength and safety. The offered goals are made according to FIFA standard for this type of accessories. This guarantees high quality of workmanship as well as safety of use, both by professional competitors as well as students and amateurs.