Bramki do piłki nożnej MŁODZIEŻOWE - przejezdne /5,00 x 2,00 m/Bramki do piłki nożnej MŁODZIEŻOWE - przejezdne /5,00 x 2,00 m/
Bramki do piłki nożnej MŁODZIEŻOWE - przejezdne /5,00 x 2,00 m/
Bramki do piłki nożnej MŁODZIEŻOWE - przejezdne /5,00 x 2,00 m/
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Oval reinforced ribbed aluminium profile - 100/120 mm. Depth: 120/200 cm (top/bottom). Arches made from steel pipe. Bottom frame made of 100/120 mm profile. Goals include system of 4 transporting wheels, attached on special hinge, which can be folded during the game and unfolded for transport – they don't need to be dismantled. Reinforced corners of special design for improved goal stability. Goals composed of parts, attached to each other using special connectors. This solution facilitates transport and off season storage. Set includes: wheels, PP hooks to hang a net. Colour: white. Net attached using PP hooks. Complies with FIFA norm.

• light and bottom frame of the goal made of 100/120mm oval reinforced and ribbed aluminium profile 10_000_1

10_000_2 • aluminium goal profiles connected by a special steel connector, which ensures the stability of the goal

• light and bottom frame of the goal entirely made of aluminium 10_000_3

10_000_4 • goal arch made of galvanized steel pipe fi 35mm

• depth of the gate in the upper part 120cm in the lower part 150cm 10_000_3

10_000_4 • goals equipped with 4 wheels on a special folding hinge during the game and foldable for transport - without removing the wheels

• net attached in a special embossing to the goal frame and the base frame with PP hooks 10_000_3

 UNIT pair
 CERTIFICATES/ATTESTATIONS/APPROVALS Declaration of Conformity to Standards
 COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS - all types of training football nets with dimensions of 7.32 x 2.44m
 WEIGHT 150,00 kg
 PACKAGE DIMENSIONS 755x26x22cm – 2 pc.
40x40x26 cm – 2 pc.
250x80x10cm – 2 pc.


The original football goals for youth are made of aluminium profiles, making them much more resistant not only to corrosion, but also to abrasion. It is currently the best alternative to steel profiles. Robust and durable, the goals retain their natural color and shade for many years.


The football goals for youth have an advanced system of four transport wheels, so there is no problem with transporting and carrying them. The entire mechanism is based on a special folding hinge that does not require the removal of the wheels. This is a very convenient and incredibly practical solution, which can save a lot of valuable time. It is also worth mentioning that the goals are folded with connectors, so there is not even the slightest problem with their storage. It comes with sturdy wheels and universal PP hooks with which you can hang the net in no time.


The goals are made of high-quality aluminium and are very durable and lightweight. Noteworthy is both increased resistance to mechanical damage and also unparalleled resistance to adverse weather conditions. Aluminium construction, contrary to appearances, provides the same stability as steel goals. Football goals for youth are safe to use and, most importantly, will last for many years. The goals are ideal for natural grass pitches, indoor and artificial turf.